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Competitive Dancing

Our staff is made up of World and National champions, active professionals and amateur competitors who will help you gain by far the best training in the Bay Area. Whether you’re a beginner or a seasoned competitor, our teachers will help you gain the technical, artistic, and performance skills you need to stand out on the competitive floor.


Our Instructors will tailor individualized choreography and a group/private dance lesson plan for every dancing couple they teach, and provide them with all necessary guidance to be a successful dance competitor.


Starlite also invites some of the worlds most sought after coaches to teach our students on a monthly basis, exposing all our competitive students to the absolute best training the dance world has to offer.


  • World PRO AM OPEN LATIN Champion

  • World PRO AM STANDARD Gold Champion

  • World PRO AM Bronze Latin Champion

  • World PRO AM Silver Champion

  • U.S. PRO AM 10 DANCE Champion

  • U.S. PRO AM LATIN Champion

Competitive Teacher




Julius Seniauskas

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